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Back Again


It feels nice and a little weird to be back here. I’m taking yet another stab at mixing some sort blend of personal anecdotes and introspection about porn, sexuality and relationships because I have all these ideas and I really want to share them. Before, I found myself writing reviews, which is good for momentum but not exactly all I want to be doing with my spare creative time. I’ll still be doing it, since I have a pretty nice stack of DVDs to plow through, but I don’t want to be limiting myself to just that.

What does this mean, practically speaking? Well, for one thing, I want to share a bit more about my intimate life. I tend to keep things relatively close to the chest as a PR person, but I’m trying to position myself a bit more broadly now, and that gives me a certain flexibility. Oh, and I’ve been pretty busy lately, sex-wise. A new city and a sense of freedom after a sexually challenging relationship liberated me. 2013 has been quite a year, and it’s only March.

Maybe it’ll manifest itself as some confessional writing. Maybe it’ll be more or less structured/stylized. More likely, it’ll be responding to the porn/sexuality culture and applying my own critical lens to things as someone with a vested interest in beautiful, intimate and independent porn. Perhaps some combination of the two.

One impetus for this definitely comes from the fact that I’m gearing up to present a paper and sit on a panel at the first ever Feminist Porn Conference in less than two weeks. I want to have a stable home base to think things out and be able to discuss the things that interest me about the kind of porn with which I engage.

The other is that I’m taking an increasingly active role as a face for the websites I work for. I knew it was likely to be the case, but the more panels I sit on, the more interviews I do and the more I get entrenched in the industry, the more I want to solidify my position as more than just a person who represents a group of websites. It’s still one of the most important things I do, but I want to prove interesting in other meaningful and natural ways.

Maybe erotica? Maybe critical thought? Maybe this’ll be a gateway drug into taking a more active role in porn? We’ll see how it shakes out, but it’ll definitely be something.


  1. I’m SO glad things are working out, and I am excited to see what you decide to write about. You’re one of my favorite people on line, even though we really don’t know each other. Sometimes strange friendships are the most interesting.
    Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much, Scott. That means a ton to me. You’ve always been one of my favourite porn enthusiasts I’ve ever met and you are so wildly supportive of the people you value. It’s truly awesome.

  3. I can’t wait to see where your new direction takes you. A creative outlet is so important, good luck! J x

  4. It’ll be interesting for sure. I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my head.

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